"I DON'T KNOW HOW" Official Video Dropping Thursday

Young Spider | NicName | Poison 
- Produced by Lucci Luke -

Only 1 day away! Check out these sneak peek stills!

St. Phattie's Day @Last Exit 
Performing Live with Property Six, Oddfellaz, CityLife, Young Spider, & More!!!

Farewell, & Goodbye to a Brother

       We lost a great friend, supporter, and someone we considered a part of us.

       There wasn't anyone who didn't want to include you in their lives off after the first meet with you. You had so many friends and you never let any of them fall in the background of your life. You promoted connections between everyone and we respect and appreciate all you brought to us when you arrived on the scene. You weren't just a fan, or a supporter, you were our friend and our team mate. Everything we do and places we go from here will be in your name and memory. Farewell and rest easy dear friend. Your presence will remain in the field of energy and love that remains around us now that you are gone. We will never forget you. You were the type of person that could change the world.

Rest In Peace, Steven. We love you. 

Steven M. Daniels 10/18/1986 - 01/20/2014
May all the prayers that friends and families have made carry your soul as they guide the way.



Nic & Lonny B performing at Pyro's "Champagne & Cocaine" Release Party

Nu Alliance West in Massachusetts opening for Jedi Mind Trix - SOLD OUT SHOW!

NicName & Beano on Mill Ave before an event meeting

NAW'ty Girl Model Manager Lael & Beano - New Years 2013/14

Young Spider & NicName at the AZ State Fair

Mugzi & Nic: Rehearsals
For the Love of Art through Sound

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